SCX10 II Rear Links Set (80mm, 94mm, 101.5mm) (Aluminum)

Includes both upper and lower rear links for 11.4", 12.0", and 12.3" wheelbase applications. SCX10 II Rear Aluminum Link Set includes everything you’ll need for increasing stiffness and eliminating unwanted flex within the suspension.??

71mm (1pc)
80mm (2pcs)
85.5mm (2pcs)
93mm (2pcs)
94mm (2pcs)
101.5mm (2pcs)

? Hard anodized aluminum parts
?? Rear upper and lower aluminum rods
? M4x20mm set screw (8pcs)
?? High strength M4 Rod ends and aluminum tube links utilize large M4 set screws for quick and easy assembly
?? Includes three piece snap together scale ammo can, wire routing clips, and bull horns
? Molded plastic parts tree?
? Includes (1) AX31186 M4 Rod End Set
?? Works with SCX10 II
? Unassembled
? Instruction manual included for building links for 11.4", 12.0", and 12.3" wheelbases
?? Genuine Axial Product

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